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ETF Report Card for EWZ

This page is a guide to EWZ, the iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF offered by iShares.

Last Price $28.11 -1.58%

How is EWZ Categorized as an ETF?

All ETFs
1,754 funds
Asset Class
985 ETFs
23 ETFs

How Does EWZ Compare to Its Category Competitors?

The percentile shown for each metric indicates how EWZ compares to other ETFs in the Emerging and Frontier Markets Stock category. Wondering how percentiles work? Short version: 99th percentile is good, 0th is bad.

Assets and Yield

Assets (Millions)
95th Percentile
Dividend Yield
72nd Percentile


YTD Return
98th Percentile
5 Year Return
49th Percentile


Number of Holdings
45th Percentile
% Assets in Top 10
35th Percentile


Expense Ratio
56th Percentile
Fund Turnover
21st Percentile

EWZ vs. Other Emerging and Frontier Markets Stock ETFs: All the Data You Could Possibly Want

The table below shows additional financial metrics for EWZ as well as all other ETFs in the Emerging and Frontier Markets Stock category. To compare EWZ to its broader asset class peer group, visit the Stock page. To compare EWZ to its narrower sub-category peer group, visit the Latin America Stock ETFs page.

Click on the tabs (Expenses, Returns, Yield, Holdings) to view additional data for EWZ and all ETFs in the Emerging and Frontier Markets Stock category.

Ticker ETF Assets ($M) Inception Date Issuer
Category Average N/A $841.95 N/A N/A
Ticker ETF Expense Ratio Fund Turnover
Category Average N/A 0.64% 41.06%
Ticker ETF YTD 1-Month 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year 3-Year 5-Year 10-Year
Category Average N/A 3.13% 11.09% 2.69% 4.83% -13.39% -5.45% -5.77% 3.56%
Ticker ETF 12 Month Yield 30 Day SEC Yield Dividend Frequency Capital Gains Frequency
Category Average N/A 3.13% 2.40% N/A N/A
Ticker ETF Number of Holdings Number of Long Holdings Number of Short Holdings % Assets in Top 10
Category Average N/A 220 219 2 41.43%

EWZ Portfolio

Asset Class Weight
Non US Stock Weighting 99.03%
Preferred Weighting 0.86%
Cash Weighting 0.11%
Top Holdings Weight
Itau Unibanco Holding SA 10.81%
Ambev SA 10.12%
Banco Bradesco Sa Brad 7.91%
BRF SA 3.72%
Cielo SA 3.57%
Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras 3.39%
BMF Bovespa SA Bolsa Valores Merc Fut 3.33%
Itausa Investimentos ITAU SA 3.05%
Ultrapar Participacoes SA 3.04%
Embraer SA 2.84%

Other EWZ Metrics


Inception Date
Management Style
MSCI Brazil 25-50 NR USD

Dividend Data

Dividend Frequency
Capital Gains Frequency
Annual Dividend

Pricing Data

Day Range
$27.98 / $28.73
$27.70 / $28.14
52 Week Low/High
$17.30 / $37.54

Other Information

Leveraged Fund
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