Why Is Investing So Hard?

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"Investors are their own worst enemy." I've read or heard this dozens of times. Usually I nod in agreement, and pat myself on the back for sidestepping a trap that seems to catch just about everyone else. For a long time, I gave no thought to what this statement actually means, either in general or in the specific context of my portfolio. Then, I gave it a lot of thought. And after that, I distilled those thoughts into the 3,000 or so words below. (Don't worry; there are plenty of images along the way.) Continue reading →

Zooming in on ARKW, the Web X.0 ETF

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The technology sector has been one of the clear leaders in the market recently, with a number of large and small companies posting impressive returns. As the size of this sector has increased, many investors have ended up with additional exposure through funds that seek to replicate the broader market. Additionally, many more have made use of a number of exchange-traded funds that can be used to further overweight tech stocks. Continue reading →