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The Surprising Truth About Global Stock ETFs

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ETFs are popular for a number of reasons; among them is the relative ease with which a low-cost, diversified portfolio can be constructed. Several Global Stock ETFs offer exposure to the global equity market -- thousands of stocks from dozens of different countries -- through a single ticker. But defining and creating global stock market exposure can be a tricky task -- with results that might surprise some.  Continue reading →

The Best Biotech ETF for Risk Tolerant Investors: IBB vs. XBI

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Biotech ETFs have become a popular tool for investors looking to enhance return opportunities through a tactical allocation within their portfolio, thanks in large part to a blistering track record. Biotech ETFs can be found near the top of most performance leaderboards over both five-year and 10-year time horizons, having outperformed broad-based funds by a wide margin in recent years. Continue reading →

The Danger of Stock Picking

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ETF assets have grown to nearly $2 trillion for a number of reasons, but much of the growth can be attributed to the ability of the exchange-traded structure to provide cheap diversification across a variety of asset classes. The first part of that feature -- cheap -- tends to get most of the attention. But like their mutual fund predecessors, ETFs also deliver value by simplifying the process of portfolio diversification.  Continue reading →